Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP®) Technology 

The AHP® , which is a ground breaking technology in swiftly and safely preventing  the germs and pathogens in high touch surfaces, is now on hand with Oxivir. The accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP) prepared with synthetic methods and  available in Oxivir’s patented formula not only kills germs but also delivers superior  cleaning performance on all surfaces applied. Thanks to its unique AHP technology Oxivir kills germs and pathogens effectively in a  short span of time while keeping both surfaces and end users intact!  



Oxivir has scientifically proven efficacy on surfaces applied within short contact time  thanks to its AHP technology, hence disinfects surfaces by killing the pathogens  effectively. Unlike other chlorine based formulations its unique AHP content enables  Oxivir to function not only as a disinfectant but also as a cleaner in places where soil,  germs and pathogens thrive. By this means, Oxivir deep cleans soil and lime  residues with a single wipe while disinfecting the surfaces effectively. Moreover, it  can be used on all surfaces safely thanks to its odour-free feature.  


Required wet contact time and fast germ killing time

In order for any disinfectant to kill the germs effectively, required wet contact time of the surface as well as the evaporation time of the product on the surface are equally important. Unfortunately many disinfectants evaporating prior to the required wet contact time results in the contaminated surface not being disinfected in required levels or the multiple application of the product. (Rutala & Weber, 2014).  

(Temas süresiyle ilgili grafik yerleştirilebilir// Kaynak: Omidbakhsh N., Journal of AOAC International,  2010; 93: 1944-1951) 


Oxivir with its Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide technology swiftly reacts against germs and  pathogens within the required wet contact time and disinfects the targeted area in a short  period of time. Enjoy disinfecting and cleaning the high touch surfaces in a fast and safe manner with Oxivir  developed with the AHP technology.